Supplying the spirit of ’64

The cultural revolution of the 60s broke down old-fashioned stereotypes and created a new vision for how people could live.

In 1964, Professor Mechoulam discovered the organic compound THC. Whilst in took nearly 60 years from its discovery to its legalisation, that spirit of exploration has only grown stronger.

Today, the spirit of 1964 is supplied by our team of pioneers who grow quality, craft cannabis in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

How We Grow

By mixing time-honoured traditions with modern growing practices we get a true expression of what BC craft cannabis should be.

Sun Grown

Our plants are grown in a hybrid greenhouse where they’re exposed to full spectrum sunlight. It’s a more sustainable approach, but it also helps them express their full aroma and flavour.

Organic Soil

Our soil is a secret mix of BC-sourced ingredients that creates an environment rich in nutrients and yields bigger, healthier crops.

No Artificial Inputs

As with any other crop, the best flavour and tastes come from those grown in the most natural way possible, which is why we avoid any artificial inputs to our growing process.

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